Sunday, 3 November 2013

Issues with booting via USB

After upgrading my MacBook Pro to OSX Maverics this week, my bootcamp stopped working (Windows 8.1). Long story short had to get USB recovery stick booted up. I have tried both;

1. Restarting MacBook and pressing and holding option to change boot manager to USB stick. This booted recovery stick, however for some reason I was unable to actually recover anything due to lack of access to Windows partition. 
Plot Boot Manager screen

2. Loading USB via Parallels. This didn't work for some reason either. It wouldn't even boot.

Note: I'm not sure why my BootCamp suddenly had some corrupted/missing files in Windows folder as it was working perfectly fine. I could not find anyone else with similar issues.


After some time on Google and countless hours trying I have found this little tool (Plop Boot Manager).

It allows you to first boot your machine (using CD/DVD ROM) to Plop Manager and from there to select the actual media you wanted to boot. In my case it was USB. Absolutely brilliant!

Thanks Jeroen @

Note: Parallels 8 is not working with this. You will need to upgrade to version 9.

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