Thursday, 29 November 2012

Manual removal of domain in Plesk 9.X

I have had issues today removing a domain from Plesk 9. Web administration panel kept on coming back with "Delete successful" however the domain was still there. It seems that someone has removed files and IIS records without actually removing anything from Plesk records. This caused some dirty records and issues that web front wasn't showing.

After some research I managed to find some good old command prompt tools inside
%plesk dir%\bin
%plesk dir%\admin\bin

1. Command line returned following error. (At least it returned some error rather than just saying it was successful).
An error occured during domain removal: Unable to remove domains: Unable to remove hosting: Unable to delete logrotate config: logrot_mng failed: Execute websrvmng --update-log-rotation "--vhost-name=[name_of_domain]" failed: Site [name_of_domain] doesn't exist.

2. I have then changed directory to admin/bin and ran following command
websrvmng.exe --reconfigure-vhost --vhost-name=[name_of_domain]

3. Remove domain.
domain.exe -r [name_of_domain]

This fixed my problem and left our Plesk server nice and clean.

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